‘I Chose My Friends Over My Home’

‘I Chose My Friends Over My Home’

Due to so-called friends taking advantage of her learning difficulties, Sharon became homeless after being evicted from her home of sixteen years.

This is her story.

‘You don’t realise the importance of having a home until you lose it.’

The local council put Sharon in touch with Evolve Housing and Support, who then helped get her out of homelessness and into accommodation.

The fantastic team at Evolve have supported Sharon throughout her journey, and she is now very happy and content in her flat.

She is such a lovely soul, kind, generous and wants the best for everyone. Finally now she has found happiness and a place to call home, for her and her beloved animals.

For the month of December, we’re bringing you a series of videos from Homeless Stories, a film initiative that tells the stories of the men and women who end up homeless and the charities that support them.

We spoke to the founders, Glenn and Dave, to learn more.

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