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Rewriting the Rules of Sustainability

Rewriting the Rules of Sustainability

Mike Barry, the man behind Marks & Spencer’s Plan A, shares 10 ways business must pivot to lead the sustainable movement in the coming decade.

10 ways business must pivot to protect the planet

  1. To remain relevant, companies and brands need to tap into the emotional mood of the people
  2. Companies need to put their best people on implementing planet-friendly solutions up the supply chain
  3. Business needs to embrace good policies and work collaboratively with government and civil society
  4. ‘Collaborate to build a sustainable future.’ – Mike Barry
  5. There will be no safe future for the planet until we ensure equality within society
  6. Reducing our consumption – of high-carbon footprint products, food and experiences – is essential
  7. It’s time to ask yourself, ‘what’s the sustainable version of my industry?’, and then create it first
  8. Businesses need a purpose that goes beyond shareholder profits and prioritises a positive, inclusive economy for everyone
  9. Shine a light on your supply chain, and then make every step one you are proud of
  10. It’s our responsibility to invest in the skills and resources needed to lead sustainable businesses today

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