Good Bread, Bad Bread

Good Bread, Bad Bread

Breadshare Community Bakery, Debra Riddell

Who knew that a lot of the bread that we buy in the supermarket isn’t actually that good for us? We met Debra Riddell of Breadshare in Edinburgh who told us about the social enteprise and their mission “Real Bread for Everyone”.

Transcript below:

My name is Debra Riddell and I’m one of the founding directors of Breadshare Community Bakery. 

Breadshare is a community interest company, which is a social enterprise and our primary social objective is, to promote the health benefits of what we call real bread and make it accessible. And real bread simply is bread made without the use of additives. 

95% of bread in the UK fails that test, it is the most ultra processed food that you can buy and it’s the one that contains more ingredients than you need by far. 

Sourdough bread that we make is fermented and all the best things in life are fermented, all the food that we can easily digest, and that bread like substance, the industrial version, is not fermented, it goes from dry ingredients to cold in plastic in less than 4 hours. 

In a modern day bread process there is no bacteria at work, only yeast. It is not transformative, we cannot live on bread that the industrial bread process produces and in that way, that is why we make sourdough bread which is just flour, water and salt, but we harness those microorganisms to actually do that transformation of those raw ingredients. 

So we moved into Edinburgh in 2015, we were really well excepted and people were very supportive of us, what we do in return is we don’t say no to anything, we have volunteers, we have school kids come and learn about bread making, because this is something society wide problem we are trying to fix basically. 

The vision for Breadshare would be that instead of having supermarkets and big industrial facilities making way to much bread, 22million loaves a day, 30% of which hits landfill, lets go back to buying a good quality loaf of bread from a local bakery and eating it till it’s finished and then buying another one. 

Small is beautiful as someone called Schumacher once said.

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