Electric vs. Combustion

Electric vs. Combustion

Due to the technology that sits behind electric vehicles, they are often much more capable than typical combustion engine cars.

Here are 5 ways electric is better than combustion.

#1. More power

A lot of electric vehicles are either powered by dual or individual motors on each wheel, meaning that they can achieve a large amount of torque. This results in high acceleration and towing capacity, outperforming a lot of these old cars.

In addition to this, it makes most electric vehicles much safer, as the car can individually control the speed of each wheel to prevent loss of traction.

#2. Cleaner

Unlike combustion engines, electric vehicles do not produce any emissions. This means that you won’t be contributing to poor air quality in your town during your daily commute.

#3. Environmentally friendly

Because electric vehicles run on electric, this means that instead of burning fossil fuels, the electric for your car can come from renewable sources, such as wind or solar depending on your energy provider.

In addition to this, people worry about the sourcing of the components for electric vehicles being unsustainable. However, some manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, are claiming their ID.3 electric vehicles is carbon neutral.

#4. More space inside

Because a lot of electric vehicles house their batteries in the floor of the car body, this means that there is more space for storage where there would have been an engine, which enables unique vehicle designs and features, such as longer pick up truck floor beds.

This also means that there is a lower centre of gravity, giving you better handling of the car. Which, along with automation, makes them much safer.

#5. Cheaper to run

On average, the cost to run an electric vehicle is half that of an equally matched combustion vehicle.

In addition to this, the maintenance costs are lower due to not needed oil, air filters and there are less moving parts for things to break.

And the cherry on the electric cake is there is no road tax to pay. And there are government incentives to buy electric vehicles, aiming to reduce the transport emissions of whole countries.

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