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Happy Interiors, Top Tips

Happy Interiors, Top Tips

Chloe Bullock from Materialise Interiors shares her top tips on how to create the happiest interior, including what to look for when buying paint and what changes you can make when you think about bedding.

Chloe’s Top Tips

  • Check your paint for animal testing
  • Avoid wool
  • Find alternatives to leather
  • Make household items sustainable
  • Use alternative bedding

Thanks Chloe!

Find out more about Chloe and Materialise Interiors at ‘Styling Your Home the Vegan Way

Transcript below

TIP 1: Check your paint for animal testing. 

A lot of the paint that we’re buying is tested on animals and when we buy paint you really need to ask lots of questions. You have to ask is the end product tested on animals and are the ingredients tested on animals.

TIP 2: Avoid wool where possible.

The PETA investigations that backed the course I took, show that the sheep are quite poorly treated, and quite roughly handled. For wool there are alternatives now that are just as long lasting, perhaps even better.

TIP 3: Find alternatives to leather.

Because so much is happening for the fashion industry there’s lots of options that don’t involve plastic, so you just need to keep an eye out for those and the main one that is really coming through is Pinatex, which is pineapple fabric.

TIP 4: Try and make household items sustainable.

Things that are repairable, things that can be easily recycled at the end of their life but even better reused, it’s much better than just kind of recycling it, grinding something down the and recycling it.

TIP 5: Use alternative bedding.

There’s a lot of alternative now to feather and down, you can definitely get some really good hotel kind of quality bedding that is not involving any animal cruelty.

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