Love, Family and Happy Habits

Love, Family and Happy Habits

Apparently, it takes 21 days to form a new habit, a great motivator if any of us have bad habits, but also a good tactic to really open up our minds and step into a world of magical experiences, ideas and opportunities.

The earth is like an enchanted realm just waiting to be discovered and, whoever you are and whatever you do in your life, a little bit of something new can inspire and lead us to a happier existence.

A huge element of our happiness undoubtedly comes from our loved ones and, although it has been said that to be able to love we should begin by loving ourselves, to really experience true intimacy we also need to be taught to love ourselves and that means relying on the love of others, be it a partner, a family member or the love of a dog or other animal.

So why not make the most of our time with loved ones and experience new things together? Trust me, it’ll be such good fun and will spread a little happiness and joy along the way, not to mention creating new memories.

Why not come up with five new things to try this month and make them healthy, ethical, ambitious or spiritual!

Written content by Rachel McClelland

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