Laura Jones’ Favourite Sustainable Brands

Laura Jones’ Favourite Sustainable Brands

Laura Jones, founder of The Frontlash, is a stylist and fashion writer who focuses on sustainability in the fashion industry.

Here she shares her go-to sustainable brands and why she loves them.


The first sustainable brand I absolutely love is Stella McCartney. She is a red carpet go-to. She makes the best suits. She does amazing vegan shoes and bags. If you want to splurge and feel really, really special, and invest in a piece you are going to have forever, Stella McCartney is your go-to girl.

Reformation – they make a lot of their clothes from dead-stock fabric. They are my go-to for summer, especially for summer dresses.

The Break – they are inexpensive. Their pieces range from $5 to $50. They are super cool. They have the best taste. They know exactly how to find really great pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

Mara Hoffman – she’s based in New York and she has a really interesting story because she wasn’t sustainable initially. She pivoted her whole business and her whole making model to be more sustainable. She makes incredible swimsuits. Swimsuits are her thing. But she also makes really great dresses, really great tops – you can find most things there. But she’s my go-to for a beautiful, sustainable swimsuit.

Tome – they have a really effortless approach to design. And their pieces are classic. You can wear them forever, but they have a point of difference. They’re really quite striking. So they’re a really nice investment piece.

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