About Us

For far too long a handful of people at the top have controlled the narrative about the world.

There’s been a winner-take-all monologue that said…
> Men are strong and women are weak, and that those two genders are fixed at birth. 
> Anyone who isn’t white is dangerous.
> People from a different class or background are lesser. 
> Mankind was given dominance over animals and the natural resources of the planet.
> Consuming more and faster is the only way to measure success. 

It’s time to call bullshit. 

Our mission is to challenge the status quo and change the narrative. 

To start a movement that recognises the value in every life – human and animal – and that acts as good stewards of the earth’s finite resources. 

Planet Shine is a global media platform bringing you entertaining, informative and inspiring stories from ordinary people doing extraordinary things on behalf of the planet.

Because we believe that everyone has a story to tell and those stories can change the world.

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